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Track Name: Tyler the Creator "Odd Future" - Rape (ABB mix)
All he talks about is rape,
have you seen Quentin Tarantino's fucking movie,
why does everybody get their dick cut of or some shit like you know what I'm saying,
why do nobody say nothing about that,
it's fucking art,
why is it when a black kid says it it's such a fucking big deal,
like really,
it's fucking art,
listen to the fucking story,
I'm not just talking about raping a bitch, it's a story line,
I'm writing this from the mind of a serial killer from 30 years ago who was a white male,

Like really, sit back and listen to the fucking coolness and genius of it, like,
that shit's what irks me,
people make such a big deal over shit like that,
when it's fucking, when it's fucking war going on across the fucking country that nobody want to say this about,
but when I make a silly song about socking a girl in the uterus it's such a big fucking deal,

Socking, socking, socking, girl in the uterus, girl girl girl, girl in the uterus, rape.